RPi infrasound logger

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Also see instructions from Masa-yuki-san.


Powered using 12V 100Ah+ temporary battery with sunshield.


Location of the instrument is NOT logged by the instrument itself. Do at least handheld GPS unit logging. AND relative position with respect to 3 nearby sites using tape measurer.

Set up

  • Remove transport padding from inside the box.
  • Visually check cable connexions
  • Feed 2.1 mm jack to inside the box.
  • Place box under sunshield (South of the battery)

Plug in / Turn on

Plug in instrument box via 2.1 mm 12V jack to cigarette lighter plug.

Inside the box, screen will display its status:

  • "GPS OK"
  • "starting logging"
  • "logging"

When you leave the screen should still be on "logging".

Turn off

Simply unplug the power as there is no power down button (there is a small risk of SD card corruption).

Data retrieval

Option 1: ssh

  • connect ethernet cable between RPi and laptop
  • set laptop IP to some thing in the same range
  • "mkdir -p ~/Hayabusa_collected_data/infrasound/instrument_ID"
  • "rsync -a pi@ ~/Hayabusa_collected_data/infrasound/instrument_ID"
  • you can use the opportunity to be connected to safely turn it off (if packing up at the same time): "ssh pi@ sudo reboot", wait a couple of seconds, and then unplug.

Option 2: direct card read

  • Take micro SD card out, plug it in a good brand card reader directly (avoid using micro SD -> SD adapter)
  • "lsblk"
  • "mkdir -p ~/Hayabusa_collected_data/infrasound/instrument_ID"
  • "sudo mount /dev/sdX1" ~/rpi_data_mount
  • "rsync -a ~/rpi_data_mount/home/pi/data/ ~/Hayabusa_collected_data/infrasound/instrument_ID"
  • "umount ~/rpi_data_mount"
  • Put micro SD card back into RPi (do not erase data)