Selecting an Appropriate Site

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Before installing your camera system, please consider the following when choosing a location:

  • Light Pollution: The amount of light pollution in an area generally depends on its vicinity to towns or cities, and can affect the quality of the night sky images substantially. We recommend taking a look at to assess your proposed area for its level of light pollution.
  • Reasonably Accessible: Occasionally these camera units need maintenance and servicing to ensure they are fully operational, such as changing the hard-drives and cleaning the lenses. Therefore, we would advise locating it within relatively easy access of a four wheel drive vehicle. This can include farmland (with owners permission of course) or off-road to avoid interference from car headlights.
  • Stable Foundation:
  • Camera Spacing:
  • Minimise Ocean Coverage:
  • Horizon Views: Uninterupted view of the horrizon