Observatory Types

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The DFN observatory can be one of the following three possible types (design iterations):


The latest model, a replacement for DFNSMALL. It does everything the DFNSMALL can do, but has 3 hard drives instead of 2, a more capable PC and is easier to build, repair and maintain. EXT systems required 12 V power and must be connected to the internet (via Ethernet, WiFi or mobile broadband).

DFNEXT camera inside

DFNEXT and DFNSMALL observatories have the same box size, mount bolts on the back, and power connector, which means they are fully interchangeable on the existing stand/mount.


This is the most common fireball observatory in the Australian DFN. The design has both video and still lenses and is easily recognised by the dual drive enclosure on the door. DFNSMALL systems require 12V power.

DFNSMALL camera inside


The KIT systems are a more compact and less expensive design. The design has no video system, and only one 3.5 inch drive for storing data. It also has no subsystems on/off capability, so the DSLR, the fan, and the external drive are always powered. KIT systems require AC mains power and an Ethernet or mobile broadband connection.
DFNKIT camera with GPS antenna attached