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How to download camera data using WinSCP

WinSCP installation

You will need a secure file transfer software to download the pictures into your laptop. One of the options is WinSCP, here is a direct download link.

When installing WinSCP, it may offer you Google Chrome installation. You do not need Google Chrome to communicate with the DFN camera. Skip the Google Chrome installation by un-checking the "Include Google Chrome, along with the WinSCP" unless you really want Chrome as well. Select “Explorer interface” when asked during the installation. (If you miss this one, it can be changed later.) When the installation is finished, WinSCP is launched automatically.

Initial WinSCP configuration

Create a new connection – see screenshots below. The camera host IP address in this example is is (local WiFi connection at the camera site). Use the appropriate IP address corresponding to connection used. (More on connecting to camera here.)