Log-periodic antenna

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Things required:

  • Antenna box
  • Pole + ground foot
  • guy wire
  • star pickets (min 3)
  • receiver
  • cable antenna-receiver
  • 4x D-cell batteries


  • PH2 screwdriver
  • metric socket set
  • hammer
  • knot tying skills... ask Ellie :)


Instructions: Media:UHF_receiver_operation_manual.pdf

Time to set for the login start: 2020-12-05T17:26:00 (UTC)

The receiver will log for 5 minutes.

Antenna setup

  • Follow instructions from the antenna manual, being careful not to lose nuts and bolts!
  • Before attaching the choke (coil thing at the large end), check using voltmeter there is no electrical short between the 2 sides of the antenna.
  • Cable tie RF cable to the beam, making sure it remains aligned with the beam.
  • Do not tighten coax connectors too much, just finger tight.

Antenna cable feeding.jpg