Fitting the outer blower ducting

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To fit the outer blower ducting

  1. Clean the ducting and the surface it goes onto on the camera box
  2. Apply a small amount of sealant on the edges of the ducting that are going to be in contact with the camera box and the lens aluminium flanges, making sure the sealant is not going to touch the lens glass or fill up the twwo small holes (for water evacuation). Use UV resistant silicone sealant (usually designed for roof or gutters).
  3. Apply the ducting firmly straight onto its designated spot. No smoothing/rounding/shaping is required.


To remove the outer blower ducting

  1. Use a stationary cutter knife to cut the sealant in all accessibles spots.
  2. Pull the ducting, holding it by its the centre triangle. The uncut sealant should tear off, do more cutting if it does not come easily.
  3. Cut and scrap off remaining sealant from both the ducting and the camera box.