FireOPAL observatories specific configurations

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BIOS settings - Supermicro PC

Supermicro board with 6-core 12-thread i7-8700 CPU

Advanced -> Boot Feature -> AC Loss Policy -> Power On
Advanced -> Boot Feature -> Wait for F1 if error -> Disabled
Advanced -> ACPI -> ACPI Sleep state -> Suspend disabled
Note: SATA hotplug is enabled by default

BIOS settings - Asus PC

This is applicable for the mini-ITX 6core 12-thread i7 CPU based PCs.

  • Enable XMP Profile 1
  • SATA Hot Plug

Press F7 for advanced mode
Go across to the Advanced Tab
Scroll down to PCH Storage Configuration
Press Enter
Enable SATA Hot Plug for SATA 1,2,3&4.
Press Esc

  • Disable fancy RGB LEDs

Scroll down to Onboard Devices Configuration, press Enter
Disable RGB LED lighting in work state
Disable RGB LED lighting in sleep states

  • Disable Wi-Fi Controller
  • Disable Bluetooth Controller

Press Esc

  • Power settings

Scroll Down to APM Configuration, press Enter
Change Restore AC Power Loss to Power On
Scroll Down to Power On By RTC and Enable
Set Days to 0 and Hour to 8
Go Across to Monitor Tab

  • Fan settings

Scroll Down to Q-Fan Configuration, press Enter
Scroll Down to AIO Pump Control and select PWM Control
Connect Enclosure Fans (2x Noctua NF-A9 PWM)
Scroll up to Qfan Tuning
Press enter to tune fan control and wait for it to complete

  • Boot device settings

Go across Boot tab
Ensure that Boot Option #1 is the Samsung 960 EVO 250GB

  • Boot Configuration

Select boot configuration option:
Set Wait for F1 on Error to disabled

  • Save settings and exit

Press F10 and Enter to Save UEFI BIOS settings and reboot