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The Energetic particle detector simply requires USB power. plug it in, and green LED lights should show on the detector at the top. The datalogger is a raspberry pi, so don't keep plugging/unplugging it, or the disk will get damaged. Just plug it in once, give it time to boot, and good to go.

for deployment:

- 2 systems, to be deployed at the same sites as the EM antennae

- The sensor is in a plastic box, it needs a sunshield of some sort. Try not to block the upward view of the sensor with anything that would block energetic particles (so no metal, or rock - lighter stuff is ok!). Maybe just use a large sunshield and weigh it down around the edges. N-S orientation doesn't matter.

- Please GPS the location (Handheld unit plus photo showing gps coords and sensor system number is fine).

Post event:

After the event, data will be on the card in /home/pi/epd_log.txt. please back this file up!