DFNEXT stand design by the UK Fireball Network

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The UK Fireball Network has designed a stand for mounting DFNEXT cameras using off the shelf building/electrical equipment. The stands have been designed to be mounted on the floor, however, the design is easily adaptable for installations on the side of buildings or on a flat roof.

The stand design in the UK uses the Unistrut system---a metal framing system widely used in electrical and mechanical projects---however, an alternative brand can be used if this system is not available. The stands are designed to be weather resistant; all cut metal edges should be galvanised to prevent rust, terrace pads should be used to elevate the wooden base and minimise water damage, and the prevailing wind direction and strength in the installation location should be considered when positioning concrete blocks and deciding the size of the base.

Build Manual and Cutting Instructions

File:DFNEXT Camera Stand Design by UKFN.pdf

Gallery of installations