Camera Troubleshooting

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Points of failure

In order for proper operation of the DFN camera a few things need to happen:

  • PC has to tell micro controller to power on
  • DSLR has to power on
  • PC has to tell microcontroller to start taking images
  • Microcontroller has to trigger camera through optocoupler and shutter cable
  • DSLR has to be configured properly to take photos via gPhoto2 over USB
  • DSLR has to take photos
    • Possible cause & fix when DSLR is not taking photos:

power on the DSLR (or stop interval control service if running)

run command "lsusb", should list device like

Bus 002 Device 004: ID 04b0:0436 Nikon Corp. 

if not, visit te site and check the wiring - USB data cable and power cable to the DSLR

if listed, run command "gphoto2 --capture-image-and-download"

if you get response

*** Error ***              
Camera Mode Not Adjust FNumber
ERROR: Could not capture image.
ERROR: Could not capture.

that means the Aperture ring of the Samyang lens is in wrong position. Set it to F/22 (which printed in red)

Samyang lens 800.jpg

  • Photos have to be downloaded to the PC via gPhoto2 over USB
  • Photos have to be stored in /data0 and renamed properly by the DFN's capture control software
  • Photos have to be copied over to /data1, /data2 or /data3 by the data move script

Initial Steps

The first task is to figure out what's not working, starting with the most likely and easiest to check steps. If that doesn't work then we can move on to the trickier steps later.

Are the drives full? Try df -h to see how full they are. This will list a percentage full for all partitions (but not the external drives if they aren't powered on and mounted).