Camera Maintenance Toolkit

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DFNext Maintenance Toolkit

Basic Toolkit

7mm spanner

7mm socket for installing lens (you can do it with the spanner, but it's a pain)

8mm spanner

13mm spanner

Adjustable spanner

#1 Phillips driver

#2 Phillips driver

1.4-2.4mm flat head screw driver for PC power terminals

Molex pin removal tool

Camera enclosure key

Ethernet cable for local connection with laptop

Additional Tools that may be useful

#0 Phillips if you need to replace or install modem

13mm socket with extension for removing base plate from inside the camera enclosure if required

Installation Toolkit

Long nosed pliers

Side cutters

UV resistant cable ties

UV resistant silicone to glue the outer blower ducting

Power Cable Assembly Toolkit

Soldering iron

Wire strippers

Sharp utility knife with extendable blade (snap-off type recommended)