Blackbox infrasound logger

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These are designed to go where there is internet access. They have to be co-located with a DFNEXT observatory, as the DFNEXT can easily provide Wi-Fi with internet patch-through.

Turn on for config

Things required:

  • USB hub
  • keyboard
  • (mouse)
  • HDMI cable
  • portable screen


  • Do not plug in the USB hub at boot time.
  • plug in HDMI cable, system goes straight into X mode.
  • plug in USB-C power cable
  • no password required
  • once booted: plug in USB hub with keyboard, mouse.

Turn on for operation

Plug in:

  • GPS antenna
  • WiFi antenna
  • sensor (via RS232)
  • last: power via USB-C cable

If configured properly, the system will auto connect to the designated WiFi, and it can be accessed remotely.

Infra blackbox connections.jpg

Turn off

  • Simply unplug power (a safe shutdown is performed automatically by the box when it looses power)

WiFi confiduration

to configure Wi-Fi once the RPi is booted:

  • Open a terminal
  • "sudo raspi-config"
  • select "Network Options"
  • select WiFi
  • SSID: "DFNEXTXXX" XXX= DFNEXT system number (written on the box)
  • password: not provided here.
  • save
  • "ping" to confirm