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Easy Things

  • how to position your camera - light pollution map with examples of bad light polluted images. - trent
  • how to apply nanocoat to lenses (with pictures or video) zacc Camera Installation
  • what type of camera do I have? mc
  • hosts file page (copy and paste sections) or append bash script hard
  • setting up your computer (to make things easy) incorporating above hosts file hard
  • how to generate, install and use a key (including persistent agent) rh
  • make a camera formatting gif (two button method, filesize under 8mb)
  • sunshield howto ben
  • make a HDD swap gif for exts (might have to use astro camera for now)
  • Page on local log in with a monitor and keyboard to be created eks
  • find nice dfn pictures
  • how to access fireball camera images using sftp (including key setup) rh
  • fireball Apache favicon
  • Find an available, short and affordable domain for global observatory/DFN stuff
  • link squad - morgs & patrick Special:AllPages Special:OrphanedPages