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Automated software updates

As long as the observatory is connected to the Internet, the software that controls observatory auto updates daily from a dedicated DFN server. There are two attempts to do so in the afternoon local time, ~ 40 minutes before the daily reboot and ~ 20 minutes after; the default times are 3:30 PM and 4:30 PM for the SW update and 4:10 PM for reboot.

Manual software update over Internet

It might be handy to execute the network SW update manually, for example in case of testing or deploying new observatory that was off-line for some time or in transport or stored as a spare. In this case log in to the observatory and execute command

$ dfn_down_install_sw_from_server.sh 

Manual software update using local copy

In case of remote site without Internet connection the only way to update the observatory software is to bring a copy of the software eg on laptop do the update locally.

The Australian DFN team members can find the latest stable software in the internal DFN repo in operation/SW/dfnsmall/stable (DFNSAMLL type of observatory) or operation/SW/dfnext/stable (DFNEXT type). External collaborators will be provided with a copy of the software on request.

Assuming the servicing person has Linux environment on her/his laptop, first step is to do a dry-run to check there are no command typo errors by running:

$ rsync -nrv opt usr root@

If there are no errors or anomalies, just list of files that would copy, you can run the real update:

$ rsync -rv opt usr root@

Note: The above IP address is for local wired connection (over etherenet cable), for WiFi connection use IP