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Get Linux.

Get access to the code repo, and go to:


Package the point picking software (unless someone has done it for you):


This creates q folder like pp_package_DD-MM-YYYY, which contains everything you need.

Install https://www.anaconda.com/download/ (preferably 3.X for the rest of the pipeline).

Create a Python 2.7 environment:

conda create -n py27 python=2.7 anaconda

Before point picking, switch to that environment:

source activate py27

Install python packages, preferably using conda:

conda install future astropy pyyaml seaborn

The usage function is helpful, read it:

$ python point_picker.py -h

In particular:

    -i IMAGE_PATH, --image_path IMAGE_PATH
                          Path to fireball image (REQUIRED)
    -e PREVIOUS_POINTS_PATH, --previous_points_path PREVIOUS_POINTS_PATH
                          Previously picked ecsv (OPTIONAL, if you want to repick a fireball)
                          - auto attempts to find existing point picking for that event, give you  about those, and lets you interactively choose.
                          - an integer will jump straight to the corresponding De Bruijn sequence number 

Use - controls

p ... switches between pan and point picking mode

Note: the DeBruijn sequence position will scroll (mouse wheel) only when over the image and in point picking mode

g ... show plot (graph) with timing to verify the picking

w ... write picked points in ecsv format

mouse left button ... drop point

mouse right button ... delete last dropped point

DeBuijn sequence



if you get this error:

$ python point_picker.py -i /home/NAS_clone_m/events_trello/DN161031_01/16_Perenjori/16_2016-10-31_120328_S_DSC_0326-G.tiff
This application failed to start because it could not find or load the Qt platform plugin "xcb"
in "".
Available platform plugins are: minimal, offscreen, xcb.
Reinstalling the application may fix this problem.
Aborted (core dumped)

Set the following environment variable each time before running the point picker:

LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$HOME/anaconda3/lib; python point_picker.py -i /home/NAS_clone_m/events_trello/DN161031_01/16_Perenjori/16_2016-10-31_120328_S_DSC_0326-G.tiff

(assuming you have anaconda installed in directory "$HOME/anaconda3/lib")

Bottom line: Anaconda is compiled against specific QT version which gets installed with it, but there is another version installed in the OS, which is used by default. By LD_LIBRARY_PATH we explicitly and locally point anaconda to libs it requires.

Works with Kubuntu LTS 16.04.x. Reference [1]