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DFNEXT onservatories BIOS configuration

Commell LE-37G single board industrial PC

This type of SBC is used in DFNEXT observatories. DFN observatories specific configuration is described below.

For more details regarding the Commell LE-37G single board industrial computer please refer to user manual on the manufacturer's web site [1].

Standard HW jumpers setup - LE-37G7

JAT: AT/ATX mode select jumper: switch to AT instead of ATX mode
1-2  AT mode
2-3  ATX mode (Default)

BIOS - LE-37G7

1. Enable Diagnostic Splash Screen Note: prints eg "Hit Del to enter BISO setup"

Boot Features -> Diagnostic Splash Screen  [Enabled]

2. SATA configuretion - enable hot swap Note: default is Disabled (symptoms if not set - only 2 removable drives recognized - those attached to the add-on mini PCIe SATA card)

Advanced -> Intel Advanced menu -> PCH-IO Configuration -> SATA Configuration
Serial ATA port 1 - Hot plug - set to  [Enabled]
Serial ATA port 2 - Hot plug - set to  [Enabled]
Serial ATA port 3 - Hot plug - set to  [Enabled]
Serial ATA port 4 - Hot plug - set to  [Enabled]

3. Set auto wake up from S5 power down note: S5 is power down. this will save the day if the JAT jumper had fallen off - otherwise not effective

Advanced -> Intel Advanced menu -> ACPI settings
Wake system from S5 [Enabled]
Wake Up Hour  [8]

4. Save and exit

Exit -> Exit Saving changes